After Brexit

On 31 January 2020, Britain finally left the European Union, 1,316 days after the 2016 referendum. Britain remains in the EU’s orbit during the transition period, with a new relationship yet to be forged. The Full Brexit will scrutinise this process here. But we will also shift our focus to understanding and promoting a process of political and economic renewal, of which Brexit was just the beginning, not the end-point.

#5 - Class Politics vs Identity Politics: The Choice for Labour

Mary Davis

1 May 2020

Labour’s 2019 election defeat was not simply a one-off result caused by Brexit. It was the result of decades of abandonment of working-class people and class politics, and the party’s lamentable turn to neoliberal identity politics.

#4 Who Should Pay for the COVID-19 Crisis? The Government

Patricia Pino

22 April 2020

As government spending surges and the economy contracts, the right says the poor must eventually pay through austerity; the left counters with proposals for higher taxes. But the true answer to “who should pay?” is: the government.

#3 COVID-19 and the Failed Post-Political State

Tara McCormack and Lee Jones

17 April 2020

The British government’s lacklustre response to coronavirus pandemic is not due to being caught off-guard by an unexpected disease, Tory incompetence, or even austerity. It is a crisis of an entire way of governing society: the post-political, regulatory state.

#2 The Resistance Volunteers for House Arrest

Philip Cunliffe

31 March 2020

The Corbynite left has actively cheered on a Tory police state that they earlier claimed was racist, fascist, and “worse than Nazis”. What does this tell us about them?

#1 COVID-19: We’re Not In Control

Philip Cunliffe, George Hoare, Lee Jones and Peter Ramsay

28 March 2020

As coronavirus ravages the world, quarantined citizens are clearly not in control – but nor, despite appearances, are political elites or experts. The hastily assembled Tory police state has a hollow core where an active citizenry should be.

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