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Blasts from the past on Europe, from The Full Brexit contributors and others

In a pamphlet published in November 2017, Bickerton and Tuck made the case for "taking back control", analysed why it was proving so difficult, and set out proposals to break the impasse, covering the "Brexit bill", EU citizens, Northern Ireland, trade, and post-Brexit economic reform.

One of Britain's leading Marxist historians, Thompson wrote this essay for the Sunday Times ahead of Britain's first EU referendum. It rightly and amusingly skewers the attractions of "Europe" as being about bourgeois identity, warning prophetically that European integration will "distance decision-making from its subject and mystify what remains a democratic process".

A compilation of essays written in the run up the EU referendum and since, covering Brexit, European and British political developments, and commentary on the United States. Some of these pieces comprise the basis for other articles on The Full Brexit.


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