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Views from the Rest of Europe

As part of The Full Brexit’s strong commitment to internationalism, this section of our website hosts viewpoints from friends across Europe, commenting on Brexit and the European Union. These articles will inform British readers about the left-wing movements fighting European integration across the continent, and the conditions our fellow Europeans face, debunking Remainer myths that problems of neoliberalism are somehow unique to Britain.  Please contact us if you would like to contribute.

Kalle Holmqvist

British voters did the right thing in 2016 – the United Kingdom should leave the European Union. It is very hard to be an internationalist and at the same time support European militarism, neocolonialism and imperialism. The European left has to make a choice.

11 October 2019

#1 - Solidarity from Sweden

Paul Steinhardt

The German economic model is often praised. In truth, it is built on the suppression of workers’ living standards and unsustainable export growth, and breeds division, not peace, in Europe.

11 October 2019

#2 - European Integration and the German Model: Nothing for the Left to Admire

Alexandra Strickner, Kai J. Lingnau and Valentin Schwarz

Do British Remainers really know what they are seeking to remain in? The EU is not a progressive entity and is set to worsen further, with plans for militarisation, intensification of border controls, and spurious climate policy. Given its increasingly right-wing agenda, progressives must stop placing their hopes in the EU, and break from it instead.

11 October 2019

#3 - The Future of the EU: Soldiers, Barbed Wire and Surveillance

Ramzi Kebaïli

The left must, of course, fight against the EU’s free market, which destroys our environment and our social protections. But, says a founder of “Pour un Frexit de gauche”, we also need to fight against the national ruling classes who implement the EU agenda by pushing a “European identity”, as a subtle form of class warfare against workers and immigrants.

30 October 2019

#4 - The Promotion of “European identity” is a Form of Ruling-Class Warfare against Workers and Non-EU Immigrants