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Two New Books by TFB Founders!

TFB co-founder Costas Lapavitsas has co-authored a new book, The Cost of Living Crisis (and how to get out of it). The book will be launched on 20 February at 6pm in central London, and TFB supporters are warmly invited to attend this free event. TFB co-founder Eddie Dempsey will be speaking at the launch.

TFB co-founders Philip Cunliffe, George Hoare, Lee Jones and Peter Ramsay also have a new book available for pre-order. Taking Control: Sovereignty and Democracy After Brexit pulls together and greatly extends the analysis developed on The Full Brexit. It explains what the EU is, why people voted to leave, and why Brexit was a necessary - but not sufficient - move towards taking political control. Taking Control shows that European integration was the way that elites ruled as they retreated from democratic representation and accountability. But, as the post-referendum years showed, British democracy remains hollowed-out, with little to fill the void as our neoliberal parties run on empty, lurching from one emergency to the next. Taking Control boldly surveys our parlous state and sets out the reforms and political actions necessary to rebuild representative democracy. The book will be published in April, and we will be organising a special launch for TFB supporters. In the meantime you might like to check out the authors' new venture, The Northern Star.

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