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Event: The People are Revolting!

Subscribers based in London may be interested in this event involving TFB co-founder Professor Matthew Goodwin.


Wake Up, Politicians – The People are Revolting! The Oxford & Cambridge Club, 71-77 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5HD

Tuesday 2nd July, Lunchtime The Conservative leadership election is now underway, against the background of declining popularity for both the UK’s main parties at the polls. In the European Parliamentary elections, voters gave them a drubbing and put the Brexit Party, portrayed by many commentators as a populist party, in the top slot. Is the problem one the established parties can tackle, or are their days numbered?

Politeia's special event on Tuesday 2nd July will consider the concept of populism, its implications for democratic systems, and whether its message should or can be embraced by democratic parties. The panel will consider such questions as:

  • Populism - does it have only a pejorative sense?

  • Is there a failing in contemporary democratic political systems? If so how should it be addressed?

  • What does the pattern of changing political allegiances in the UK and the US imply for the future shape of democratic government?

Speaking will be:

  • The Rt Hon John Redwood, MP, Author, We Don’t Believe You – Why Populists Reject the Establishment.

  • Matthew Goodwin, Professor of Politics, University of Kent; Co-author, National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy.

  • Robert Tombs, Emeritus Professor of French History, University of Cambridge; Co-editor, Briefings for Brexit; Co-author, Triggering Article 50 – Courts, Government and Parliament.

  • Sarah Elliott, Chair, Republicans Overseas UK.

  • Other Speakers to be confirmed.

The event will take place on Tuesday 2 July 2019 (lunchtime – start time TBC) at The Oxford & Cambridge Club, 71-77 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5HD (preceded by a drinks reception). If you would like to attend, please email with your name, position, phone number and organisation. If you would like to bring a guest, please let us have the name and contact details.

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