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Launch of The Full Brexit

Today, The Full Brexit is formally launched, with a letter to The Guardian, signed by several high-profile supporters:

We write to express our dismay at the Labour Party’s pursuit of Brexit in Name Only. In June 2016 the majority of voters backed the demand to ‘take back control’. Two years later, government and opposition are together trying to ensure that as much control as possible stays with the European Union. In doing so, the Labour Party is abandoning a large part of its core constituency to the right-wing populism sweeping the Continent. Some of us on the left are determined to try and stop this happening. We want to bring together the many ordinary people who wish to leave the EU behind and with it the unaccountable politics and neoliberal economics that membership has entailed. We urge the political establishment to seek a clean break from the EU and join with The Full Brexit ( to restore popular sovereignty and promote the UK’s social, economic and political renewal.

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