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New Event: The British Left after Brexit

As The Full Brexit consistently warned, the left's failure to lead a campaign for leaving the EU has resulted in electoral disaster for the Labour Party. The Corbyn project lies in ruins while the Conservatives have captured dozens of "Labour heartland" seats. Britain will finally leave the European Union, but with Boris Johnson at the helm.

What next for the British left after its disastrous handling of Brexit?

Can the Labour Party repair its relationship with working-class voters, or are they lost for good? If Labour is to be rebuilt, on what basis? Should "Corbynism" be ditched for "social conservatism", as some are arguing? Is the future of Labour "blue"? Or is Labour's implosion an opportunity for the left to build something new and better?

To discuss all this and more, join our panel debate, featuring:

  • Costas Lapavitsas, professor of Economics at SOAS and former member of the Greek parliament,

  • Maurice Glasman, founder of the Blue Labour movement,

  • Philip Cunliffe, senior lecturer in politics at the University of Kent, and

  • Eddie Dempsey, trade union activist.

For more information and to buy tickets, please click here.

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