The Full Brexit in Conversation:

The Brexit Crisis and the Left

London, 26 September, 6:30pm

This event was in the past. A recording of the opening speeches is available here.

As the crisis in British politics escalates this autumn, The Full Brexit will host a public seminar for serious, in-depth exploration of key political questions revealed and posed by Brexit. What has Brexit revealed about the degraded state of our political life? Why has the left failed to seize the opportunity to lead radical social, political and economic transformation? How should the left think about core issues raised by the Brexit crisis, like the nation-state and sovereignty, racism and anti-immigration sentiment? How dangerous is the far right today? Is this threat being misrepresented to help maintain the status quo? Can the European Union really be reformed and, if not, why does much of the left claim otherwise? How do we get out of this crisis of democratic politics? What positive demands should leftists pursue to transform our lives after Brexit?


Join The Full Brexit co-founders Richard Tuck, Peter Ramsay and Lee Jones, community activist Anshu Srivastava, and Steve Hall, TFB contributor and author of The Rise of the Right, to discuss these and other issues. TFB's Professor Mary Davis, the renowned labour historian, will chair the event. 

Tickets, which are limited, are available here.

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